Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Florida Here I Come

Spending next week visiting my Dad and Stepmom in Florida will save me:

~$20 Metro commute (to and from work)
~$50 Groceries
~$50 Weekend entertainment costs
~A week’s worth of utilities

Yay for trips to visit family!

Since this is my “vacation” for the summer, I intend to enjoy myself, but visiting family instead of going on a trip where I would have to spend money on food, hotel and entertainment is good for my budget. Airfare is my major expense for this trip. My goal for 2009 is to take a trip out of the country to somewhere I have never been before for a minimum of four days. I'll go into more detail on that when I update my goals. But for this year, other expenses take priority over traveling to other countries or locales. So Florida, here I come.

Does anyone have any ideas for inexpensive tourist things to do in Tampa?



Justine said...

Is your budget for groceries for one person $50 a week?