Friday, July 25, 2008

No Target for the month of August

While I don’t think its realistic to drastically cut my spending with several weeks of summer left and the fact that I’m going to Florida for the first week of August on two family trips, I can take a small step and stop spending in a store that has been my “budget kryptonite” for the past few months: Target. My job happens to be across the street from a shopping center that has a Target, making it way too easy to head over there and spend money I have no business spending. From snacks to greeting cards to clothes to household items, I have definitely been giving a nice chunk of my money to Target since it opened earlier this summer. Target is a one-stop-shop type of place where you can get such a variety of things, so it is tempting to overspend. My Mint account has forced me to shine a light on this weakness and nip it in the bud. I like Mint so much because it is an easy way to determine where your money is going and keep track of your cash flow. The only frustrating thing is that sometimes all of my accounts aren’t updated every time I log on, but I wonder if it’s just my ridiculously slow lap top that is responsible for that. So for the month of August, I won’t be spending a dime in the store. If I'm successful at this, I'll keep it going. I guess I should get that tool kit I was eyeing before my self-imposed deadline. I really need to think about every purchase I make and ask myself: Do I really need that? Because if I don’t, the item should stay in the store. I will work out a revised budget in September after the summer is over.

Do you have a store at which you are making an effort to curb your spending?

Image: Target Website


The Legal Optimist said...

Oh, I am right there with you! I am also trying to think before I purchase, but my brain seems to shut down when I see something I really like :)

I always seem to spend too much at Sephora and Bebe so I've pretty much resorted to avoiding these places all together.

Good luck avoiding Target!

Money Maus said...

I love Target! Personally, I spend a fair amount of money on food rather than other items like shopping - so the grocery store is a bad (but tasty!) habit for me :) However, my spending there is not out of control considering I am usually within budget!

Saving My Bacon said...


Thanks for checking out my blog :)

I read some of your older posts, and I noticed that you're from Philly!! That's awesome! I lived in Philly for 4 years when I went to college (at Penn). I fell in love with the city and wish I could've stayed, but there aren't that many jobs in my field in Philly. Oh well, I still try to go back a couple times a year, like for Homecoming, and to see my friends who still live there.

Keep the posts coming - I look forward to reading more from you!


YBP said...

I love Target too, and I have a target credit card so it makes it so easy to spend. From now on when I go to Target I must have a list, that helps alot. Good look avoiding Target

sara l said...

I do a large portion of my grocery shopping at Target so I have to do my best to avoid the rest of the store. It's an easy place to leave lots of money.