Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good Reads

Here are a few interesting posts I’ve read over the week:

I still haven’t made it over the Steve and Barry’s to add to my summer wardrobe and it looks like I’m not the only one who hasn’t according to Madame X’s post at My Open Wallet: Compare and Contrast

I have a second job at a retail clothing store, but it’s more so because I like getting my work clothes at a discount and having a little extra pocket money, the need to pay bills with the extra money. But it looks like more people are depending on second jobs to get by according to Escape Brooklyn’s post: Second Jobs

Sometimes when you loan a relative money, you just have to chalk it up because you won’t be getting it back like J at Budgets Are Sexy discussed in the post: I loaned my uncle 100 and I will not be getting it back

I was considering writing a post about this subject, but Squawk Fox did it so well, I don’t have to. Check out: 10 free ways to get into fitness this summer which is a part of the Summer Fun Guide series by the Personal Finance Network

A post on Wise Bread advises buyers to beware weak banks that offer high interest rates

All of us should consider giving back to others in need as Spilling Buckets describes in the post: Why we closed and Opened