Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2nd Edition – 20 (Random) Questions

  1. Should I open a Roth IRA with Vanguard or Fidelity?
  2. Is it wise to get a target date or life-cycle fund IRA since I don’t feel comfortable balancing a portfolio of investments yet?
  3. How long will it take to reach my goal of having $5,000 in my emergency fund?
  4. Why does identity theft seem to be running rampant these days?
  5. Why are there so many applications on Facebook and who actually has the time to use them?
  6. Why does the professional organization I recently joined charge for every event, workshop or training they offer, don’t they know that the cost is prohibitive for young professionals?
  7. Why am I, a full-grown woman looking forward to watching teen targeted shows this fall like Gossip Girl?
  8. Why does bronzer (when properly applied) make almost everyone’s face look better?
  9. Why is the cost of housing so expensive in cities I like such as New York, San Francisco, and Washington?
  10. Why are people so obsessed with celebrity babies?
  11. Where did the idea of putting 20% down on a house purchase come from and why are so few people in the position to do that today?
  12. How long will it take for the economy to rebound?
  13. How can I learn how to dance as well as Joshua or Will on the reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance”? I know I’m not the only one who watches…
  14. Why isn’t all water free?
  15. Will a graduate degree make a large difference in my earnings over my lifetime?
  16. Why is Apple always ahead of the curve on technology such as the iPhone and the Mac Air?
  17. Is it really cost effective to drive a hybrid of any type?
  18. Why isn’t gym built into the work-day like in elementary school since Americans as a whole are overweight and suffer from obesity related diseases (type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.)?
  19. Does networth really matter or is cash flow more important?
  20. Will the American dollar regain its strength in the global market?

Click here to see my first edition of 20 (Random) questions. Do you have a random question you’d like someone to answer?


YBP said...

thanks for reading my blog.. i have been reading yours too! It's great to see another young person from philly doing big things financially!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha i'm a twenty-something also woefully addicted to Gossip Girl...