Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Spending

Here's the breakdown:

~Starbucks - $7
~Metro - $20
~H&M - $38

~West Elm (floor pillow) - $35
~CVS (snacks, etc.) - $13

~Dunkin Donuts - $5
~Eyebrows - $10

TOTAL: $128...eek!

I went into H&M after work on Friday and of course ended up buying something: some black shorts and black flats which I buy once a season b/c I wear them practically everyday. I outlined in this post that black shorts were an item I intended to add to my summer wardrobe b/c as odd as it sounds, I didn't have any.

Note: I didn't include my rent, renter's insurance, and other misc. bills because none of them actually cleared though they were mailed over the weekend.


The Legal Optimist said...

I freaking love H&M! I should start to keep track of everything I spend money on too. Right now, I'm sure I'm spending more than I should.